You will not let us lie … in most cases, the credit and financial institutions have a bad reputation, as well as the users who have asked for credits.

Many of them think that they can not live a worse experience than that, because in the end, the loan instead of being an aid to liquidate some unforeseen event, ends up being an infinite debt that takes away their sleep and can even break relationships.

But what would you think if I told you that a credit can save you money?

Maybe you think we’re playing a joke because interest ends up taking away more money than you asked for, and then, in the end, the account gets bigger.

Now imagine a scenario where you never asked for a loan and you have the opportunity to take a trip, or you have a situation where a relative was hospitalized and the account is large.

Maybe there are some expenses that you can postpone, but there are others that you should not even think about, an example of this are the opportunities to buy a piece of land, a house or a place to trade, at a bargain price.

Many of these expenses to months, you can generate a huge amount of interest, imagine if your whole life you spend making payments that way … Now let’s make the comparison with the opposite scenario, where you are asking for a credit, imagine the amount 500 thousand pesos with a very low-interest rate and also fixed.

A lot of money, right? Maybe that total does not use it in a single cause and you can invest it in different projects, depending on your need. In the end, of course, you will have to pay a little more, but for the meantime, you have already left many unforeseen events.

Now, let’s look at some other examples where a payday loan can help you save money:

A form of payment: Did you know that there are credit institutions that offer payment via payroll? This is a good way to reduce interest as it also increases the guarantee of collection. Remember that in most credits you need a guarantee, such as direct debit for example.

Special offers and discounts: Imagine that in addition to paying products at full prices, you must pay the interest on your credit … What madness! Many credits can save you from this because the discounts and promotions are unique and last a short time, so what do you expect to ask for one?

Transfer of balances: Bad habits create debts and more debts. But do not worry, this is nothing that can not be solved. If you need to pay them all as soon as possible, then there is a way to transfer balances and they also offer lower rates.

Instead of ending up with debts one by one, while they never stop growing, making them one and finish them as soon as possible.

Now you know, if you believe that the credits do not help you save and on the contrary, only increase your debts more, you are in an error! That thought may be taking away more money than you think.

Remember that one of the benefits of loans is practicality, so do not be afraid and better advise yourself with experts. Get to know us and verify that what we say is true.