Creditend is one of the primary rocks in the group of mediation portals from private to private. The Berlin-based company was already launched in 2007.

The aim was to bring potential borrowers with potential donors past the banks. Borrowers should find it easier to obtain liquidity, and investors should receive more attractive returns than a daily or fixed term deposit.

Creditend test

Creditend test

However, Creditend slightly changed its business model in 2011. In addition to providing private loans (P2P loans), the company now also acts as a classic benchmarking portal for installment loans from banks.

Customers of Creditend can decide which way they can go to borrowing. Overall, Creditend claims to serve more than 250,000 customers.

Loans from private

Loans from private

For certain target groups, private lending is the better solution than an installment credit comparison for bank loans. We are talking about self-employed and consumers with rather weaker credit ratings.

Private Credit exam

This does not mean that Creditend does not have a credit check. However, as with the other competitors, anyone who does not have hard Private Credit traits will be given the opportunity to stop applying for credit. Among the hard Private Credit features include an open warrant or a personal bankruptcy.

It is therefore possible to obtain a loan despite negative Private Credit entries.

Creditend checks the identity of the borrower, makes a Private Credit request and checks whether the borrower can carry the debt service through the loan.

Employees must demonstrate an income of 1,000 euros per month, self-employed a net income of 18,000 euros. Other requirements for a loan with Creditend are

  • majority
  • Residence in Germany
  • German bank account
  • Unpunished employment

Private Creditneutral loan request

The credit request (condition request) at Creditend is neutral. This means that no negative Private Credit entry is generated.

More about the transaction-neutral credit inquiry without Private Credit entry.

The application process at Creditend

In the beginning, a potential borrower must register with Creditend. In the first steps of the loan application Creditend does not yet distinguish whether the applicant seeks a bank loan or a loan from private. In addition to the first personal data, the applicant still has to draw up a small household bill to show that his income is sufficient to cover the loan installment.

Based on these data, Creditend determines the cheapest eligible offers within 60 seconds. These cover both personal loans and bank loans. With the submission of the offer, the borrower also learns how high the payout probability is. If it is 100 percent, Creditend grants a loan guarantee. In the next step, the potential borrower must click on “credit-preferred”. Around 24 hours after receipt of the necessary documents and the examination, Creditend stops applying for a loan on its P2P platform. The applicant should now describe in detail his project to be funded for the potential financiers. The more precise the statements are, the greater the chances of financing.

Interest – interest rate

Unlike other portals, the borrower determines the interest rate that he wants to pay for himself. Creditend, however, proposes an interest-rate based on the credit check. If the borrower sets the interest rate too low, he runs the risk that his financing project will fail.

With the activation of the loan application a period of 14 days begins, in which enough donors must find, in order to finance the loan. If this is not the case, the application is deleted again.

The “credit privilege” of Creditend

Loans from private sources, which are called credit derivatives at Creditend, can be used in the range of between € 1,000 and € 50,000. The terms are 36, 60 and 84 months. Borrowers can repay the loan at any time without a prepayment penalty, so they have complete freedom of action during their term.

credit-privative experience

If sufficient funds have been found, the borrower can usually dispose of his money within 48 hours.

Even with a loan from private to private, however, it still requires a bank at the moment. The client funds used for the investments must ultimately be present in an account upon commitment of a financial participation. The disbursement on the formation of the loan must be guaranteed as well as the repayment of the installments and their allocation to the participating financiers. Creditend cooperates in this connection with the Munich Execubank.

Customer testimonials on the credit premium are generally positive.



How safe is Creditend?

Regarding security, there are two aspects to consider in the Creditend test:

  • The data security
  • The security of the funders

There are no concerns about data security. Strong brand has awarded Creditend the seal of proven data security.

Any loan, no matter how good the borrower’s creditworthiness, can be at risk of default. Creditend goes his own way for this. Creditend carries so-called investor or security pools. Should a credit default actually occur, investors will receive their capital back via these ” compensation funds”. If a borrower defaults, the loan is sold to a collection agency, which takes over the debt service until the end of the contract period.

What is the cost of borrowing from Creditend?

Creditend rates the commission on disbursed loans depending on the term. With a loan term of 36 months, Creditend waives a placement commission.

For a period of 60 months, or 84 months, Creditend calculates a placement fee of three percent, but at least 60 euros.

What are the fees for investors?

For a bid, Creditend calculates 1.35 percent of the bid. If the borrower revokes the contract, the processing fee will be refunded in full. If early redemption occurs within the first six months, the investor will receive back 50% of the fee.

For investors with current claims, there is also a service charge of 0.50 Euro per month added.

Anyone looking for positions as an investor will find them in a list under the “Investors” button. For each project can also determine the yield:

Other products at Creditend

Other products at Creditend

As already mentioned, Creditend not only offers P2P loans, but also offers classic installment loans via banks as part of its platform. The provision of loans without Private Credit, also known as Swiss loans, round off the offer of Berlin.

Experiences, reports & opinions

Experiences, reports & opinions

The testimonials and opinions of Creditend customers are very positive. On the evaluation platform ekomi the provider has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

You can read more Creditend reviews below in the comments. There you can also leave your own rating for this provider.

Credit 2day and optional loan

Credit 2day and optional loan

Creditend offers two own loans in cooperation with German banking partners: 

Creditend yes or no? – Conclusion of the review

With the combination of credit comparison portal and agency portal for loans from private Creditend has a unique selling point, which convinces in the test. This combination is of particular interest to borrowers who want a loan, but who in the end do not care much about who the lender is. The most important thing for this group of people is the fact that they receive liquidity.

With regard to the cost of private loans, especially for smaller amounts, there are certainly cheaper providers.

In sum, however, Creditend offers a solid offer that loan seekers should definitely consider when looking for a cheap loan. Regrettable is only the fact that the price information is quite hidden.